2017: What I Published


2017, a whiplash

year; on the personal front one of the roughest in my adult life, but on the publishing front one of the most bountiful. I am really proud of the work I put into the world this year—this world which feels in a lot of ways like a late-stage world. So herein a chronicle of the most worthwhile fruit of my having come to this weird planet, and stuck around for a time. 2017 edition.

The stories are

all eligible for both Hugo and Nebula nominations. If you were to read just one, I’d like to recommend my novelette with Jess Barber in Clarkesworld, “Pan-Humanism: Hope and Pragmatics.” If you would like to read something for the short story category too, a fork in the road: Hopeless romantic? Head to “Suddenwall.” Lover of the strange and macabre? It’s “The Barrette Girls” for you.

Complete list:

  • Novelettes:
    • Pan-Humanism: Hope and Pragmatics (with Jess Barberread online, Clarkesworld
      (12100 words : science fiction : urban design, sexy showering, Beirut, polyamory, water scarcity, Nantes, copious intellectual sparring)
  • Short Stories:
    • Suddenwall read online, Beneath Ceaseless Skies
      (4300 words : fantasy : love, genocide, the sentient city of Vannat)
    • The Barrette Girls read online, Liminal Stories
      (5100 words : dark : an unnatural group of girls, a heartless chaperone, personhood, trauma)
    • Twilight Travels with the Grape-Paper Man read online, The Dark
      (3700 words : dark : a dolma-mummy, gender, belonging, and summer vacations)
    • Immortal Still read online, Freeze Frame Fiction
      (1000 words : literary : mortality and love)

And whether you read all of my stories or zero of them, thank you for being someone who reads, writes, engages with stories. I think this will turn out to be important, even if we don’t yet know how.